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Roadway markings are the first defense in roadway safety. We in the industry want to make sure the lines are bright and vibrant for the traveling public to see clearly. Here at Smart Traffic, we want to make sure your agency has elected to use the right material for your pavement type. As there are a multitude of selections. From your basic traffic paints to your more durables such as thermoplastic, we have you covered as professionals in the installation of these materials.

All roadway striping requires glass elements to be added to the surface to achieve a certain level of retroreflective qualities. As with the pavement marking material, glass elements have a wide array of quality and brightness. Some even possess wet reflective attributes that make the pavement markings stand out more significantly during rainfall. New striping materials are introduced quite frequently. The Smart Traffic Company is your trusted consultant in staying up to date on the future of roadway markings.

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